City On Our Knees

I love Fellowship Church for bringing so many people to Christ through their inspirational messages, awesome music, and creative worship. Stuart serves on camera for the weekend service but he also does some volunteer photography work for them as well. Fellowship recently requested some photographs for a video to go along with "City on our Knees" that the worship team was going to perform. I'm so proud of Stuart's work. He has three of his pieces in this video. One is a single shot from a Habitat For Humanity build that he worked at this year (2:42 into the video). There is also a sequence of shots that start at the Fellowship Church sign and expand outward from there to show the traffic on 121 in front of the church (starts at 3:13).

My favorite shots of all are a sequence of shots that Stuart got of the DFW skyline (starts at 3:27). He took this from on top of the mound in Flower Mound. It was late at night and he was out there for a while trying to get just the right shots. While he was there in the dark, he could see someone approaching him. He was already talking to me on his cell phone so he told me what was happening. I was about to call 911 from the home phone when he mentioned that the person had a flashlight. Bad guys probably wouldn't want a flashlight that would draw attention to themselves, but I was still nervous for him. Fortunately it was just a police officer checking to see if Stuart was up to no good. Stuart showed him the pictures he had taken so far. The officer was impressed with his work and especially amazed that Stuart's pictures taken in Flower Mound picked up skyscrapers in downtown Dallas.

It was great seeing this video playing at church tonight. It was shown on the big screen behind the band as they performed this song. Awesome!

City on our Knees from Fellowship Creative on Vimeo.

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