The Haunted Bridge

After school, we went to check out the Old Alton Bridge which is supposedly haunted. It seemed like the perfect thing to do to get out of the house and enjoy a little pre-Halloween spookiness.

The bridge never seemed spooky to me - even the red paint that was splattered on the bridge didn't bother me. But I'm sure if I went out at midnight when most of the high school kids or paranormal researchers do, then I'd probably have some scary tales to tell too because the mind can be very suggestive at times. It was very peaceful and the only sounds I heard were birds and distant traffic.

There are two trails that branch off from the bridge. We went a little ways down one and found this neat tree - or is it two trees? Nicholas had to investigate.

The trail was flooding with water overflowing from somewhere nearby so we turned around and went to the other trail.

We saw some neat plants, dragonflies, and animal prints. But it got muddy too so we had to turn back again.

I had a great time at the Old Alton Bridge and would definitely recommend it as a place for a nature walk. And if you are brave, go at night and tell me if you see a boogey man!

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