A Sick Little Boy And An Insanely Unhappy Little Girl

When I picked Nicholas up from school this afternoon he complained of a stomach ache. Shortly after we got home he threw up several times. He felt miserable and I felt so bad for him. I tried to snuggle with him and help him feel comfortable.

But at the same time, I had to do everything I could to keep Rachel away from him to try to keep her from catching whatever he had. It's never fun to have to deal with a sick child but it's really, really not fun to have to deal with a sick infant! So I needed to go upstairs and bring down Nicholas' pillow, blanket, and a stuffed animal friend for him but I wouldn't be able to do that and hold Rachel too. But I couldn't put her on the floor downstairs because she kept wanting to crawl right over to Nicholas or just play with his sickly trash can which happened to be his colorful and oh-so-attractive-to-an-infant fish trash can from his bathroom. So I had to resort to sticking her in the Pack N Play, a foreign place for Rachel. Let me tell you, she did not like it. Not one bit. She screamed her little head off before her feet touched the bottom of it and she kept screaming until I was all done helping Nicholas and washed my hands to get her out.

(I love her one little bottom tooth!)

Calgon, take me away!

Update: Thursday, Oct 8th - Nicholas slept through the night on Tuesday without any further sickness and woke up feeling fine on Wednesday. We kept him home just to be sure and he's back at school today. He never had a fever or any symptoms beyond throwing up. Thank goodness!

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