Birthday Party for Rachel and Granddad

Tonight we had a little birthday celebration for Rachel and Granddad. We all sang Happy Birthday to Rachel who just looked at us like we were crazy as she sunk down into her high chair as far down as she could go. Poor thing! After we all sang to her, Nicholas wanted to sing for her by himself. He sang Happy Birthday to her in two languages!

Next it was time for Rachel to have her baby birthday cake. She got an indignant look on her face as soon as we put it on her high chair as if to say, "Why are you putting that THING on my tray?". It just went down hill from there for little did we know that frosting makes Rachel very angry.

In all fairness to Rachel, it has been a busy and exciting day and it was already past her bedtime when we started our celebration. Bad Mama! I should have planned that better.

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