Shopping for Girls

Christmas is coming so of course we'll need to get pictures with Santa. I'm not a proponent of spending a ton of money so that my two children can have fancy name brand "matching" outfits that they will wear only one time for Christmas. It's a really cute idea but the only ones I've found out there are just ridiculously expensive. Until I find a less expensive way to match their outfits, I'd rather put that money towards their education. Children outgrow clothing so quickly that it just seems crazy to spend much money on it.

For their Santa picture, I am going to find outfits that kind of coordinate even though they don't match per se. I've done a little shopping and I'm already tired. I didn't realize how easy I had it with a boy. There isn't much to their outfits. It is always easy to just pick out a few pieces that mix and match together and get out of the store rather quickly and cheap. However, girls seem to be a whole different thing. There are tons more outfits to choose from and they all seem to be more expensive than boys outfits. Does it really cost that much more to add a piece of lace or a simple bow on a shirt?

And what's up with the headbands and bows? For baby boys, it's ok to have a cute little bald head but baby girls seem to always need something in their hair - even though they don't have any hair! Where do I even go to get these headbands with a bow on it? And tights?! I've got to find tights for my newborn to wear with her dress. Who sells those? Where do I go?! I'm so out of the loop and clueless about these things. I've got some work to do to get caught up on newborn girl fashion. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. I always told Jason that if we hada girl we would have tot ake out a second morgage.. WE have bought alot of coordinating outfits for our nieces and the boys at ..

    there not crazy crazy expensive they may be older than what you want but put it in the bback of your head

  2. Hey I know exactly where you go for bows. :) I have a TON of cute ones.

    Also - I get a lot of really cute inexpensive tights at Walmart.

    We need to catch up! Call me soon.