Conversation with a Man at Sam's Club

Rachel, Nicholas, and I ventured into Sam's Club yesterday. I kept Rachel in her infant carrier and put the carrier into the shopping cart along with the items we were purchasing. As we were leaving the store, a gentleman started a brief conversation with us:

Man: What a sweet looking baby. What aisle did you find that on? (chuckling) I want to be sure that my wife doesn't go down that aisle. She is a very cute baby.

Me: Thank you. We think she's pretty cute too. She can be a lot of work though.

Man: (Smiling) My children are grown and out of the house and they are still a lot of work for me.

Me: (Laughing) You know, my dad says the same thing about my brother and me!

Man: There is justice though. Your children will grow up and have children of their own someday :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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