Big Brother Teaches

It is so wonderful to watch Nicholas with Rachel. Although he is often a bit too exuberant around her, he does so out of love and excitement for his little sister. Today, I had Rachel in a bouncey seat. Nicholas said that she needed some music to listen to and asked if he could turn it on for her. Then he went and got some of his "Touch and Feel" books from when he was a baby. He made up words as he read them to her and then helped her to touch the parts of the book with different textures like fur, tulle, vinyl, rubber, etc. He even told her that she was doing a great job. He really seemed proud of his little sister and said, "Wow! She's already learning about rough and smooth!" Of course, Rachel had no idea what was going on but she did enjoy staring at Nicholas while he talked to her. What a cute pair they are together!

Ok, take a look at this picture of Nicholas leaning over to give Rachel a kiss on the cheek. You can even click on the picture to make it bigger.

Her hair actually does look a little red here, doesn't it? It's odd because if you move the hair away from her head and just look at the individual strands of hair, they don't look red. At least to me, they look brown. But sometimes, like in this picture, she looks like a little red head. Either way, she's a cutie!

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