Flattery rules!

Ok, I just have to share something from an email from my new best friend in the whole wide world. This was at the end of an email from L.M. today:

"And by the way, you look just amazing!! I saw your svelte new figure yesterday in car-line and you really look terrific. I can't believe you just had a baby. Are you working out? I never had the energy to exercise, but if you are, good for you. It certainly shows!"

L.M., you are my favorite person in the world! Flattery will get you everywhere :)

No, I haven't even thought of working out. I get enough exercise running up and down the stairs looking for a pacifier or an extra blanket or who knows what. And there is no time to eat. After I've fed the rest of the family breakfast, I'm doing good to get Nicholas to school on time and hopefully have time for a shower and brush my teeth. Having time to eat for myself is a luxury. I often don't get breakfast until around lunch time!

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