Parent Teacher Conference at Preschool

At Nicholas' preschool, the teachers meet with parents each semester just to give an update on how their child is doing and give the parents some dedicated time to ask questions or discuss concerns. I always go expecting his teacher to express concerns about Nicholas following directions or being too active to sit still in class. However, she always sweetly reassures me that he is doing great and is no different than most of the other four year olds in her class. Although I'm not worried about how he compares with other children, it is a little reassuring to hear from someone who has worked with many, many four year olds that she doesn't have any concerns about how he's doing.

Here are some notes from her progress report this semester:

Areas of Accomplishment:
Charming Nicholas continues to bring a new level of enthusiasm and curiosity to our class! His intelligent mind operates in higher thinking levels leading him to comparisons, contrasting and conclusions. Nicholas is on target in the four areas of early childhood development: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.

Areas for Growth:
Nicholas is learning to tackle works which seem tedious to him but increase focus, patience and fine muscle control. We'll continue to help him in this area.

Teacher Comments:
Nicholas is blessed with a sunny disposition, pure joy, and a vivid imagination. He is a delightful child who brings out the best in his peers and teachers.

I'm sure that Nicholas's energy, or as Mrs. Carrico describes it "enthusiasm", can be a challenge in the class room at times. I'm sure he would prefer to have more recess time and less time for Montessori works but overall he is happy, enjoys being with his friends at school, and he is learning new things each and every week.

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