Rake It Up Again!

Every fall we have to rake the back yard of all the leaves that have fallen from various trees. Not that we mind the leaves. We really don't care about the leaves in the yard. But if we don't rake up the leaves then some magical force takes over and every single leaf is drawn into the pool and that's no fun to have to clean up.

Today I decided it was time to do a little raking. I got out the rake and Nicholas got out his kid-sized rake to help me. He did help for a little while but then he decided it was more fun to jump into the leaf pile than to rake it up. It didn't help that we just happened to have made a small leaf pile at the base of one of his slides! He enjoyed sliding down into the leaves and then throwing them all around. Of course, then he wanted me to rake them back into a pile so he could do it all over again!

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