Save Money on Groceries Without Stacks of Coupons

Some people score some really great deals with coupons. They collect every Sunday coupon section they can get their hands on. They scour the web and ad flyers to map out which stores have the best deals and how they can match up their coupons with the sales to get as much food as they can without paying much.

These are Extreme Couponers.

Some of them can go into a grocery store, buy 3 shopping carts full of items and pay less than $20. I don't know how they do it but I bow down to them. I would love to be so organized and have the free time to do all of the prep work to manage that haul.

However, I have a two year old.

I am no Extreme Couponer.

I rarely have coupons because I don't get the newspaper since I would never have time to read it.

I do have a few coupons. Sometimes they come in the mail or sometimes I pull one from a magazine. I've also found several sites where I can print them off the web. But too often, they remain in the kitchen cabinet until they expire. I just don't have time to look through them. I'm lucky if I can even get my grocery list written down on paper without my little one needing a snack or having a potty training issue.

We often fly out the door and then once I'm staring at the product on the shelf I think, "Oh, I have a coupon for that at home!" But I buy it anyway because I know I still won't have the coupon the next time I come back.

My only saving grace is that my local Kroger has some really good sales so it doesn't hurt quite as much if I don't have a coupon with me.

The best sales are Kroger Cart Buster sales! And it's happening now at Kroger through August 17.

Here's a list of the participating products in the Cart Buster sale.

Some of my favorite deals are:

~ 16 oz jar of peanut butter for $1.49 (save $.69)
~ 24 count Aquafina bottled water for $3.99 (save $5.00)
~ Honey Nut Cheerios for $3.29 (save $2.10)
~ Sliced or shredded cheese for $1.88 (save $.61)

We use these things all the time so it's nice to be able to stock up on them at such great prices - and I don't even need a coupon!

My personal favorite item on the Cart Buster sale is my dear Starbucks Frappucinos!

Sugar AND Caffeine in one innocent looking bottle!

So not only are there great deals right now at Kroger but did you know that they have digital coupons? I go online at night once my sweet little distractions are in bed and I can add coupons directly to my Kroger shopping card and the coupons are automatically deducted from my bill at checkout.

Yep, I totally forget about those coupons and it's ok! I still get the discount!

So I shopped the Cart Buster sale last night and did pretty well for someone without a single coupon in hand.

Here's my cart at checkout. Lots of good stuff.

The bill would have been $92.71 but with the Cart Buster savings and my online coupons, it was only $64.46. That's a 30% discount.

No, the Extreme Couponers do not need to fear me because I will not be cleaning off the shelves of the last box of Hamburger Helper.

But I do like a deal, especially when it is this easy.

Make sure to follow the Cartbuster "Deal of the Day" through August 16th at You can download one special deal each day to your shopper's card. Last night I got an coupon for $1.50 off Klondike ice cream! Yum!

Kroger, General Mills, and MyBlogSpark want to give one of my readers a $25 Kroger gift card (Good at any of the Kroger. Co Family of Stores) to help you experience some of the cart busting savings for yourself. To enter, please leave a comment below telling me which of the participating products you are most excited to find savings on during the Cart Buster event at Kroger?

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I was provided with a Kroger gift card so I could test out the Cart Buster savings in order to write this review. The opinions and comments are all my own. I really shop at Kroger all the time because of their sales and online coupons. And I really got that $1.50 off coupon for Klondike! The Kroger gift card, Cart Buster information, and giveaway have been provided by Kroger and General Mills through MyBlogSpark.


  1. I like it when staples are on sale. Not literally staples... but food staples! I am excited for Kroger natural peanut butter to be a part of the cart busters!

  2. I am excited for Larabars to be part of the cart buster deals. They are some yummy, but I don't usually buy them since they are a little pricy.

  3. I LOVE Kroger!! I'd probably get Pepsi. We only get it when it's cheap so it's a nice treat every once in a while.

  4. I go through phases where I will use a lot of coupons, and then times where I won't use any because you are right, it does take time and planning to use coupons. I tend to get better deals on non-food products these days than on food.
    I am excited for the General Mills products to be part of the cartbuster deals. 4 out 5 of the people in our house eat cereal each morning, so this will help.

  5. I'm excited to see Yoplait, Cottonelle, and Pedigree for the pooches.

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  6. I follow via gfc.

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  8. Congratulations to comment #8 - Mari! I will contact the winner directly by email. Thanks to all that participated!