Dallas Restaurant Week 2011

Stuart and I enjoyed date night tonight and it wasn't our usual grab a burger and a movie kind of date night.

This was a real date night.

We ventured out of the burbs to some high class dining in Dallas. We don't typically do this except for very special occasions. However, this is Restaurant Week and there is really no better time to experience fine dining in Dallas-Fort Worth than during Restaurant Week.

130 exceptional restaurants to choose from, 3 courses for $35 and $7 goes to one of two great charities. How awesome is that?

We put the kids in Adventure Kids Playcare for the evening and hit the town for some juicy steak at Sullivan's Steakhouse

We've never dined at Sullivan's before but just their Restaurant Menu was quite impressive.

We splurged and opted for the add-on 4th course of an appetizer because the Philly Cheesesteak Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce just sounded too good to pass up. Doesn't it look beautiful?

But this appetizer wasn't just for show. It tasted delightful! It goes so well with the recommended Shooting Star Riesling too. I think the name is a little misleading because this didn't taste like any Philly Cheesesteak I've ever tried. Of course, the Sweet Chili Sauce really knocked it out of the park. I wish the waiter had left our bread so that we could have sopped some of the leftover sauce up with it!

I didn't bother to take a picture of the salad course because, well, it was just a salad.

I don't know what I was thinking! This was not just a salad. We even commented to Brian, our waiter, about it. This was the freshest, most balanced flavored salad ever. I just wanted to keep eating it.

And this was salad!

So now for the piece de resistance...the 10 oz. Boneless Ribeye with Chili Rub and Red Pepper Truffle Butter over Horseradish Mashed Potatoes!

They had me at "Truffle Butter"!

This steak was so juicy and tender and the flavors just made my mouth want to do the happy dance. I even savored a little sliver of fat because the flavor was just that good.

Of course, the Four Vines Red Zinfindel was the perfect pairing for this entree.

For dessert I really had a hard time deciding between the Chocolate Mousse and the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee. I decided on the Chocolate Mousse simply because I love all things chocolate. Stuart got the Creme Brulee.

We each tried both desserts and the clear winner was my Chocolate Mousse. It was wonderfully light but so rich with flavor.

The restaurant service was great and the decor was beautiful. We did have the best seat in the house though. Great view of the kitchen and centerpiece with a window in the giant wall of wine behind us.

There are lots of restaurants in town that have really good food but the meal we had at Sullvan's Steakhouse had unique and exciting flavors that took our dining experience to new level.

We have lived in the DFW Metroplex for 10 years now and this was our first time to participate in Restuarant Week.

We made a pact tonight that we will not miss another one.

Thank you to the Texas Beef Council for this great meal and for KRLD and Central Market for helping to make Restaurant Week happen.

Sullivan's Steakhouse is located at 17795 North Dallas Parkway in Dallas. You can reach them at 972-267-9393. You can also follow Sullivan's Dallas on Facebook and Sullivan's Steakhouse on Twitter at @SullivansSteak

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