Interskate Roller Rink

Stuart has really been great about taking the kids out for a few hours on the weekend to give me some quiet time at the house to get things done. It's hard to get it all done with the little ones running around messing things up behind me.

Yesterday, I wanted to go to our library's used book sale and to a homeschool convention in Plano. These involved shopping, browsing, and discussions with people...things that are hard to do when you are trying to keep tabs on 2 little kids. I was so grateful that Stuart took the kids to hockey and then to the roller rink to meet up with some of the Cub Scouts.

They went to Interskate Roller Rink in Lewisville. It's step back in time to the 70's right down to the decor and all.

We haven't been here since Rachel has been born but I brought Nicholas here a couple of times before. He was rather shaky on his skates at the time and preferred to watch the video games or scoot around the rink on a little riding toy. At first I wasn't very optimistic that Stuart would get to see him skate but then Stuart pointed out that the boy now knows how to ice skate so roller skating should be a breeze.

He was right. I've never seen Nicholas do this on roller skates! Yay!

Rachel tried on some skates but she was rolling around and falling a lot the way Nicholas used to do. But she liked having her skates on.

While they were there, they ran into Mrs. Leah, the crossing guard where Nicholas went to school last year. She is such a dear person. She recognized the kids and was happy to get to see them again.

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