Rachel on the Ice

With all of the ice skating that Stuart and Nicholas are doing these days, it's only natural for Rachel to want to get in on the excitement too. She sometimes goes with us to Nicholas' skating lessons and if we can stay for public skating afterwards then she, of course, will want to go ice skating.

She gets very excited about putting on her ice skates. She evens thinks she can lace them up "all by myself"!

Fortunately, Daddy is always there to help her finish the job.

"I'm going to go ice skating!" She is so excited!

I'm impressed that she can balance so well just walking around on the thin blade. I would have expected her to be much more wobbly in them.

Time to get out on the ice!

Sometimes Daddy skates backwards while holding both of her hands.

Sometimes they try side-by-side one handed.

"Hey! Don't forget about me!"

Sometimes she falls but Daddy is always right there for her to catch her and comfort her.

Daddies are so special like that!

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