Fun at NRH2O

We wrapped up summer with a trip to NRH2O Family Waterpark in North Richland Hills.

We got to the park shortly after they opened so there wasn't many people there yet. It was great because there were no lines for the big water slides! Nicholas and Daddy rode on them over and over and over again.

I spent a lot of time in the little kid area for Rachel. But even Nicholas can have fun there. He had fun pretending to leap frog over this frog!

Rachel loved this water slide. I was proud of her for doing it on her own!

This little boy had fun playing with Rachel. He followed her around for a while doing which ever slide she chose. So cute!

My favorite monkey!

There is a really fun water play area with five levels of wet fun for all ages, including 6 water slides, interactive water activities and a giant tipping beaker. It was a bit crazy and Rachel was a little nervous about going on any of these slides. I was trying to get her to go on a short tunnel water slide but she clinged to me and looked so sad.

I cheered her up a little and eventually got her to agree to give it a try.

Yay! She did it! And she wanted to do it again!

What a fun day at the waterpark!

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