First Day of School

Yesterday was our first day back to school, homeschool that is!

We started the day with a healthy breakfast of Cheerios and fruit - and a silly-looking smile.

I had hidden the textbooks around the playroom and living room and the kids had fun searching for them!

I just can't get over how much fun Nicholas had looking for his textbooks. When he found his last one, he said, "I want more books!"

We usually take our first day of school picture outside the front door on our way to school. But since we don't have to leave for school now we took our first day of school picture on the couch where we spend a lot of time reading each day.

Of course, uniforms are required at our school so Nicholas came dressed as a Ninja. I love to watch him get so excited over learning. It makes me smile!!

Surprisingly, instead of having a princess join us at the table, we had the honor of meeting Darth Vader. He sure seems shorter in person than I expected.

We started the day with Bible Study and learning a memory verse. I used a song and hand motions to help the kids learn the verse. I was surprised how quickly they picked it up after only one day. Even Rachel can recite some of it and she wasn't even really trying to learn it.

We took a break and spent some time outside. Rachel played with bubbles and Nicholas practiced archery.

The markings on the target are very faint but it was almost a bullseye!

We got through most of the work I had planned for the day but I did wrap things up a little earlier than usual just to help us all ease back into the routine again.

We decided to have a little first day of school celebration with cupcakes after dinner. Rachel poured and mixed all of the ingredients together. She was so excited and announced, "I made them all by myself!"

I love seeing her little feet standing on the kitchen chair. Such a symbol of "little-ness". Nicholas is too big to need a chair anymore :(

Of course, the chef should get to lick the mixing paddle right?

Just remember...Messy means fun!

I made them each a special cupcake. One for Nicholas that says "2nd" for 2nd grade and one for Rachel that was going to say "Preschool" but I couldn't write that small with icing so it ended up just saying "Pre-K".

Happy First Day of School!


  1. What a fun-filled first day!! I love all of your sweet photos!

  2. It looks like they had a great first day!!

    I couldn't fin an email address for you on your blog, but I would love to feature your cute snail rolls over on the crafty food section of Tip Junkie. Please shoot me an email at lorieblogs (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. What a fun way to start your school year. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  4. Looks like a fun day! I love your school *uniforms* :)