Fancy Dinner At Home

We used to go out to steak restaurants every now and then for a really nice meal. Now that we have two loud, squirmy kids, it's a little more of a hassle to go out to eat and we are more likely to find ourselves at a sandwich shop than a nice restaurant.

But I still crave steak and that fancy restaurant atmosphere but I've found that I can recreate it at home (for a lot less money!).

I picked up a couple of Pinor Noir wines at Kroger. We decided to try the Barefoot wine.

I also got a few packages of Marie Callendar's Steak in Mushroom Sauce. It comes with Roasted Red Potatoes and a Classic Green Bean Casserole.

I heated up the meal in about 6 minutes. The Classic Green Bean Casserole even comes with friend onions on top but I did add a few more, just because we really love fried onions. I added a fresh salad and some warm dinner rolls.

This was a quick and easy steak dinner that was delicious and filling. The main meal without salad, bread, and wine was only 350 calories and the portion sizes were perfect. We didn't feel like we had to be rolled out of our seats like we sometimes do when we eat the larger portions served at restaurants.

My family really enjoyed the Marie Callender's Steak in Mushroom Sauce meal and we'll definitely have it again in the near future.

I'm getting a little spoiled with these quick and yummy Marie Callender's meals, aren't I?

Note: Marie Callender's and The Motherhood provided me with a free meal for review purposes and compensated me for my time involved in the review. However, the comments and opinions are all my own. I would not promote a product that I didn't sincerely want to recommend to others.

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