Konos: Making Japanese Screens

Konos Unit: Honor
Theme: Japan

We worked on making Japanese folding screens for our Japanese house. These screens are used in Japan to separate spaces in the home. We made small ones just for decoration.

We started with poster board and watercolor paint.

Nicholas went right to work creating a traditional Japanese scene.

Rachel, of course, did her own thing.

I love that she is able to participate in parts of our school day with Konos. It is very hands-on with projects that can be adapted to all ages.

Look at them! Quietly learning and creating...together...and having fun!

I think Konos is going to work well for us. It involved more prep work for me the night before but it is so much fun to learn by immersing ourselves in a subject for a few weeks, especially when there is such fun projects like this.

Once the screens dry, we will fold them in thirds so that they will stand up on their own. Rachel decided to pour her cup of brush washing water all over her poster board, just to see what would happen, so unfortunately she won't get to see hers stand as a screen. I had made a screen too and used up the last piece of poster board. But she had so much fun smearing the water all over her picture that I really don't think she feels like she's missing out on anything!

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