Gearing Up For The New School Year

Our Cub Scout Pack had Back To School pool party at Sun Valley Aquatic Park. What a fun way to wrap up the summer with friends!

Tomorrow is our first day back to homeschooling. We had a fun summer but we're looking forward to what the new school year will bring.

Nicholas will be in 2nd grade and a Wolf rank in the Pack.

He brings smiles to our home because he has fun in everything he does!

It will be an interesting challenge homeschooling both children this year, especially when they are at such different levels.

Rachel's personality has really started to blossom.

She loves experiencing new things but will quickly cling to us if she is unsure of anything. She has these floaties on her arms but will not let us put her in the water without holding on to her because she is too afraid. She clinches on to us with her mighty grip and even uses her toes to grab on to us.

I'm so proud of Stuart. He has volunteered to be the Assistant Cubmaster for our entire pack. I think he just wanted an excuse to get this cool Boy Scout hat!

It will definitely be an exciting year full of laughter, wonder, and discovery for all of us.

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