When It's Too Quiet in the House

When it's too quiet in the house, you know you need to find Rachel because she is surely into something she isn't supposed to be doing.

Take for instance this morning.

The kids were playing together nicely so I went into Rachel's room to work on cleaning out her dresser to pull out smaller sized clothes to donate. The kids were quiet so I continued enjoying some productivity for a change. Then Rachel appeared in her doorway and said, "Look, I put this on my nails!"

Yep, she had managed to find my nail polish (which had not been put back in the childproof closet like it should have been). She opened it and managed to do a pretty good job of putting it on her fingernails and toenails.

She was quite proud of herself.

She even put her foot next to mine and said, "See, just like Mommy!"

How could I be mad at her? She was so proud of herself and just so stinking cute!

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