Cheerios Play Books

Although I try to teach my children good table manners such as "We don't play with our food", sometimes there are exceptions to every rule.

One of those exceptions is with Cheerios. They are just fun to play with and can actually be used in many educational activities for little children.

Cheerios even promotes using their cereal for teaching children by publishing their Cheerios Play Books. I first got this book when Nicholas was little. It has colorful pictures with little cut-outs where children can place Cheerios to complete a pattern such as bubbles from a fish.

Rachel's favorite picture to work on is putting the buttons on the bear.

Of course, eating the Cheerios is ok since it is a whole grain snack.

And sometimes it's just fun to eat your work.

I can't remember exactly what happened here but I just had to include this picture. This is Rachel's pouty face.

It's too funny because I promise I don't do this when I'm, not that I would ever pout. She lowers her head, pouts her lips and cuts her eyes at you. What a drama queen!

Cheerios are tasty and fun. I couldn't find our particular Cheerios book online but I did find a couple more that I'm going to get.

I know prices on Amazon change all the time but 2 of these books are for sale right now for 1 cent each plus shipping! Wow!

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