Fritz Park Petting Farm in Irving

We visited the Fritz Park Petting Farm in Irving today. It is a free petting zoo within the Fritz community park. How cool is that?

My kids were excited and didn't want to wait for me.

Many of the animals were in fenced in areas that we couldn't go into so the animals were difficult to pet if they didn't come right up to you.

The Crayon Fun Room had some cute activities for little kids like Rachel

There was chalk for the concrete outside and a table and chairs for coloring inside. There were also several little hands-on activities like this magnetic cat face. Rachel loved rearranging the features on his face.

She also enjoyed sticking her head out of the big open windows.

There was a little pond with a fountain.

Rachel loved watching the ducks waddle around the pond.

Rachel was excited about the peacock though.

I'm glad she can recognize the peacock even without it's tail feathers open. She couldn't remember the name of the bird but told me that she saw the bird with dots on his tail.

The deer was in a cage but he was friendly and came over to be petted. Rachel really liked him.

There was one fenced in area that we could go into. There were three little goats in there and Rachel enjoyed petting them.

The sheep came up to her for a little pat too. I was proud of her for petting so many animals. I had expected her to be more timid.

The kids had fun at the petting farm but it was more exciting for Rachel. Nicholas has been to the zoo and other petting farms so many times that this one just wasn't exciting enough for him. But it is cute and fun for the little ones. And free!

There is also a playground here that we had to check out.

There was some nice shade and a few playstructures.

But Rachel was all about the swings. This was the first time she got the rhythm right for pumping her legs while swinging!

Nicholas was happy to help push her when she wanted to go higher.

Time for a drink!

This was a fun outing and something that I've wanted to go to before Rachel was even born so it was neat to check it off my to-do list. The Fritz Park Petting Farm is only open during June and July. Their hours are 10:00 - 6:00 Tuesday - Saturday and 2:00 - 8:00 on Sundays. The farm is located at 312 E. Vilbig in Irving. For more information, please call 972-721-2501 or visit the Fritz Park website.

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