Melissa and Doug Textured Stencils for Insects

To bring some art work into our study of butterflies, I bought the Melissa and Doug Textured Stencils for Insects. It comes with 4 stencils of different insects and the stencils that can be turned over and used at rubbing plates. It also includes a pencil and a few crayons.

As always, Melissa and Doug products are top-notch in quality. The stencils are beautifully made and incredibly durable. I know we'll have lots of fun with these for a long time.

The kids thought so too. They literally ripped into the package because they couldn't wait to use them.

Rachel started with the butterfly stencil. She had a hard time figuring out what to do with the stencil. She's 2 years old and very independent. She didn't want me explaining to her how to use it. But eventually after playing around with it some while watching me use one, she figured it out.

After using the stencil to draw an impressive looking butterfly, she used crayons to add some color to her work.

Nicholas knew just what to do with the stencils and wasted no time using them to make a grasshopper.

Then a bee. Aren't these stencils awesome?

Then we turned the stencils over and used the rubbing plates. Rachel had a hard time rolling her crayon over the rubbing plate but she made a good attempt.

Nicholas liked the rubbing plate.

Cool! And so easy to do.

Nicholas decided to make another butterfly with the stencil.

Then he colored it to look like a Painted Lady Butterfly.

Rachel made another butterfly.

But she decided to use watercolor paint on hers.

Very creative use of colors!

Nicholas also did a freehand painting of a monarch butterfly to add to our gallery.

What fun! We love art work and these stencils make it easy to have fun while making realistic looking pictures of some cool insects.

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