Cub Scout Day Camp

Today was the first day of Cub Scout camp for Nicholas. They have camp at one of our favorite place, LISDOLA (Lewisville Independent School District Outdoor Learning Area). He'll be at camp from Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 - 4:00 every day. They will do some hiking, archery, shooting BB guns, and have some water fun. Totally cool boy stuff!

Nicholas is very excited and couldn't wait to get his gear together this morning.

Although we've never participated in one of these camps, we've heard that the cub scouts usually have a lot of fun with "swaps" which are little trinkets that can pin to their hats. They are usually coordinated with the theme of the camp. All week long, the boys will meet other cub scouts from other Packs that are at camp too and they all have fun trading these "swaps". This year's camp theme is Space Adventure. I couldn't find any pre-made space things that were small enough to pin to his hat so we made our own out of Perler Beads. Nicholas designed this space shuttle. It was one of my favorites that we made for today.

Here are some others that we made but they are still on the pegboards so you can't get a good feel for how they really look.

We met up at the school down the street. Nicholas was grinning ear to ear!

The boys piled in the leaders' cars and headed out for a full day of fun.

Nicholas couldn't wait to get out there. I felt a little sad. Partly because I would miss my little guy but also because I love LISDOLA and wanted to go out there with the Pack to help out. But Rachel is too young to handle being out in the heat for that long and she's too young for their tot camp for volunteer parents. So for this year, we will just have a week of girl time at home.

Unfortunately, Rachel didn't like this idea at all. As she watched Nicholas leave in someone else car, she started to cry and she fussed all the way home. She said that she wanted Nicholas and didn't want him to leave her.

I tried talking her out of it with all the fun that the two of us would have. She pouted and said she didn't want to play with me. Hmphf!

So I resorted to Plan B and started making pouty face back at her and acting silly. I could see she was starting to soften some around the edges.

Finally, she started making funny faces with me.

And then got excited and wanted to go play with Mommy! Whew!

We picked Nicholas up from camp this afternoon. Rachel, of course, was excited to see her big brother. Nicholas was dirty and sweaty but very happy. He showed off a balloon powered car that he had made that day.

Why did the scouts pick a white t-shirt for boys to wear in the woods all week? How am I supposed to get these stains out each night and have it clean for the next day? This poor shirt will be a mess by the end of the week!

Nicholas was excited to show off some of the swaps that he had traded for. There were lots of alien things including these candies that the boys called Alien Poop. Yum!

He traded all of the space shuttle swaps that we had made so we'll have to make more tonight. And of course, I've got to get some stain remover on that shirt of his.

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