Indoor Safari Park in Southlake

With Nicholas at Cub Scout camp all week, I've really enjoyed having one-on-one time with Rachel. We do more preschool activities than usual and I feel more relaxed on outings with just one kiddo to keep up with. Today we spent the morning at the Indoor Safari Park in Southlake.

The first thing you or, more importantly, your child sees when you first walk in the door, are all the toys for sale. Boy, I thought we would spend all day looking here and never getting to play on anything.

Eventually, I got Rachel over to the real fun part of our outing. She loved the "robotic" elephant. She was so excited just sitting on him.

Then the employee helped to guide it around in a circle as Rachel grinned from ear to ear. I'm not sure how they work. The animals seem to have wheels and a motor but I guess the employee has to help with steering.

There is a fun little area called Kids World. There are little rocking toys, giant blocks, and a bridge with a slide.

Then inside the main area of Kids World is a slide that goes into a ball pit.

Rachel had never seen a ball pit before but she had a blast just flopping her whole little body down in the big pit of balls.

There is also a strap trampoline. Rachel brought over some of the balls from the ball pit to make the bouncing even more fun!

There is a great safari-themed miniature golf course.

Rachel tried it but she doesn't really understand how to hit the ball and she isn't interested in watching me as I tried to teach her. She preferred her own method which is something closer to what I've seen with shuffleboard. But is it really worth arguing with a two year old?

I noticed that there was a little tumbling area with padded structures but there wasn't any children playing in it. I'm not sure if they were just all entertained elsewhere or if it was closed. Rachel was busy having fun elsewhere so we never even tried to go in here but I think she would have had fun in here.

We heard on the overhead speaker that there was going to be a train ride. Rachel hopped in the first car with two other little girls she had met while we were here. I loved seeing the excitement in her face as she rode the train.

The train just went around in a small circle but the scenery was full of jungle animals and even a waterfal. The conductor did a great job of pretending that the children were going on a train safari and really seeing all of the wild animals in the jungle. Rachel excitedly waved at me every time the train passed in front of me.

There were tons of doll houses, play kitchens, train tables, and other activity tables to keep kids happy here all day.

And if you really did end up being here all day, they even have a snack bar to keep everyone's tummies from growling like a lion in the jungle.

You can even do some ceramic painting while you are here. You just pay for the ceramic piece then use their paints and paintbrushes. You don't even have to worry about cleaning up!

There is also the Animal Factory were you can stuff your own animal, pick out clothing and accessories. They even offer birthday parties.

Rachel loved our visit to Indoor Safari Park. We really could have stayed there all day if it was up to her. An Open Play Pass is $9.99 which allows your child 2 Safari Train Rides, 1 Robotic Animal Ride, Unlimited Mini Golf, and Full access to Jungle Gym, Soft Play area and hands on Play Centers. They say that this is for ages up to 10 years old. I can see that my 7 year old son would have fun for a little while exploring the place but it's really geared more towards younger kids. I think it's great to have an indoor place like this that IS geared for little kids so they don't have to get trampled at the big kid places with inflatables or gigantic climbing structures that they get lost in.

The Indoor Safari Park is located at 2116 E. Southlake Blvd in Southlake. There is also a new location at 6205 Coit Road, Suite 200 in Plano. For more information, please call them at 817-310-1080 or 817-714-0321 or visit the Indoor Safari Park website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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