National Donut Day

Yes, who knew that today was the OFFICIAL National Donut Day? Do we really need a National Donut Day?

Why, yes. Yes, we do. Because on National Donut Day, Krispy Kreme Donuts will give each of their customers one FREE donut! You can call the day whatever you like if I can get a free Krispy Kreme donut out of the deal!

Even Rachel insisted on dressing up for the occasion with her Cinderella shoes. Really. She insisted.

But how do you choose just one from so many yummy looking donuts?

The kids both chose the Chocolate Sprinkles donut.

I was drooling over the Oreo donut. Mmmmm, oreo....

There is a drive-through here but I can't imagine getting donuts that way and missing out on the fun of getting to watch them being made.

I'm sad that we've lost some Krispy Kreme locations over the last few years. Our closest location is this one at 3605 Ira E. Woods Ave. in Grapevine. Check out the Krispy Kreme website for a location near you. There is really no better donut out there!

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