Time To Say Goodbye

It's our last night in Baton Rouge. It's always sad to have to say goodbye to our families. So we squeeze every last minute we can out of every day here. Instead of packing this evening, we were visiting with family and letting Nicholas and Rachel get some last minute fun with their cousins.

Jessica and Nicholas are always playing together and they are great about letting Rachel play with them. But Rachel is drawn to Alyssa who sits quietly in her wheelchair. Rachel will play with the big kids for a while then go over and talk to Alyssa for a few minutes then go back to playing. And she looks at Alyssa with such a sweet look in her eyes.

Now that it's time to leave, Rachel has finally gotten used to Lucy, her grandparents' little poodle. She will pet Lucy if she's in someone's lap, which is usually Grandfather's lap.

She also likes to peek into the laundry room where Lucy sleeps and talk to her or at least stop by to say, "Hey, Lucy".

Grandfather opened up a bottle of Opus One for us to enjoy. He even let us play with his new wine opener and Vinturi aerator. I know what's on my Christmas list!

Nicholas sleeps in Grandmother's office when we stay here. I don't know where she stashes this twin bed while we are gone but when we arrive, "his room" is always neatly set up and ready for him. Obviously he sleeps well here.

We're completely out of diapers and we're hitting the road first thing in the morning to go back to Texas. It's 10:30 at night on a holiday and we're on the outskirts of town where there aren't any big grocery stores or much of anything open past 10:00. I drove all over looking for a Walgreens type stoer to find some diapers. Then I got desperate and started stopping at any gas station. Finally I found diapers! Look at this!

2 paper thin diapers and 3 baby wipes for $3.59. Ouch! It will get us through Rachel's diaper change in the morning and we'll have one extra diaper on hand until we can stop somewhere for real diapers. Off to pack and hit the hay.

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