Playtime with Uncle Steve

We survived the long drive with two young kids in the car but we finally made it to Baton Rouge to visit our families for a few days.

Our kids love to visit my brother at work. He manages a playground equipment sales business and the kids have an open invitation to play on the playgrounds and trampolines anytime they come to town. Talk about fun!

Nicholas knows his way around a playground but Rachel is still timid about things she isn't familiar with so she checked things out with caution.

She sat on the swings with Uncle Steve for a while.

How many pictures do I have of this little boy on a swing. Yet I can't help but take just one more. Kids grow up so quickly and I just never know when this might be the last time he thinks playing on a swing is fun and cool.

Of course, as he grows up, he just gets more creative and adventurous with swings.

Rachel got comforable and was bouncing on the trampolines and sliding down slides in no time. I love seeing pure joy in her face.

We all worked up quite a sweat in the heat and had to take a few breaks to cool off inside. Rachel had to be super cool with her shades that she INSISTED on putting on herself because she's a big girl and knows how to do these things...

These pictures are just remarkable to me. Nicholas loves to look at animals, especially dogs but he has always been so afraid to get close to them. When we were here at Christmas he was scared of Brody and wouldn't get too close to him. But on this trip, just 6 months later, he walked up to him and petted him.

He even got a hand shake from Brody!

Just one more time down the slide before we go!

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