Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to our beautiful country!

And look at this beautiful sight we saw this morning. I'm a little biased ;)

I love this crib at Grandmother C's house. She set it up in their guest bedroom back when Nicholas was a baby. He used to try to climb out of it, of course. Rachel is a better sleeper so she hasn't tried to climb out of it...yet. She will even lie back down and try to snooze a little if you don't take her out right away.

Love the cute little feet.

We had a fun day celebrating the birth of our country. There was lots of splashing in the kid pool that Grandmother bought for the cousins to play in. Donna and I spent who knows how long blowing up a pack of 100 balloons to play with in the pool.

At first, Rachel didn't know what to think of all the balloons in the pool and needed a little coaxing to get in.

"I'm still not sure about all of this, Mama".

She relaxed some and even sat down in the pool for this picture with her two cousins.

Relaxing in the pool..

I love how Rachel tweaks her lower lip over to the side when she is curious about something.

Stuart has been learning how to make balloon animals and Nicholas has picked up a thing or two. He made a very impressive vase and flower bouquet for Grandmother!

We enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs - without much arguing between the two grill masters as to when they are cooked to perfection.

We had a great time watching fireworks in the front yard. My brother even came over to join the fun. Rachel took some time getting used to the fireworks and she stayed in my arms for most of the time. But she gradually went from whimpering and burying her head on my shoulder to smiling and saying, "Yay!". After fireworks, we went inside for some of Grandmother's homemade ice cream and playing in the living room fort.

Only pure exhaustion can slow these two down when they get together!

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