Herding Cats!

I'm sitting at the computer trying to deal with last minute travel plans for a trip we are leaving on tomorrow. Yes, I like to plan ahead :) Actually I did plan ahead but need to make some changes and trying to avoid cancellation fees and such has become quite a headache. I'm a little stressed about this plus I have a lot of packing to do since it's almost a week long trip to three different cities and I haven't begun to pack for myself or the kids, which is adding a little more stress. And to top it off, my kiddos are not being very cooperative and are suddenly the most needy children in the world with request for milk, then sitting in my lap, then a diaper change, then a snack, then the "I'm bored!" statement reared its ugly head.

I gave up hoping they would just entertain themselves for a few moments and let them play in our bedroom with a big bucket of toys that are usually stashed in the closet. The bucket was full of all of those little junk toys from Happy Meals and party favors and such. Wow, it worked beautifully. They were laughing and playing well together and, most importantly, leaving me alone so I could get some work done. When I was finally done and feeling a bit more relaxed, I turn around to find this mess in our bedroom!

The toys were everywhere along with some blankets and stuffed animals. The bed had been made earlier in the day and the floor had been picked up. Now I had a little more work to do but honestly I really didn't mind. I was so grateful that they had let me get the important things done that this problem didn't really matter that much. Besides, they were cute as they were playing hide and seek under the covers!

Now on to packing. Ugh! Trying to pack with two little ones running around is like herding cats! If I have a suitcase open, someone wants to take everything out of it so that they can climb into it. If I leave the suitcase empty on the floor for them to play in and stack my things on the bed, then suddenly they want to play on the bed and everything ends up jumbled and on the floor. I might just have to let them destroy the office next so that I can move into the bedroom for some undisturbed packing time!

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