Chopsticks - For Food And For Play

We went to P.F. Chang's with my mom for lunch. Talk about good food! I love this place. The kids just loved having Grandmama's attention. Nicholas had her playing tic-tac-toe until the food came out.

Trying foods from other cultures is great for kids. Not only do they get to experience new flavors and textures in food but they also get to experiment with other cultural traditions - like chopsticks. Both of my kids were just enchanted by chop sticks. Rachel used her chopsticks to play with my lemon.

She got frustrated that she couldn't pick things up with them so she started just stabbing everything with the chopsticks. Nice!

I'm not sure what the boy was trying to do with chopsticks and his drink but he was certainly entertained.

I tried to snap a picture of mom with my two sweet angels but the littlest angel wasn't in the mood for cooperation. Instead she wanted to squirm away and make a mad dash for the flower bed so this is the best I got.

Oh, just give up on the toddler in the picture. We can always just photoshop her into this one later.

Back to the car and Nicholas showed Grandmama all of the books he had brought with him on the trip over. He read a little to her right then.

We are so proud of how well he has learned to read over this last year. He wants to read all the time and not just books. He'll read street signs, menus, mail, labels on clothing, food packaging. It's such an exciting time.

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