Sea World San Antonio

We are wiped out from an awesome day at Sea World. We've never been before and didn't know what to expect. The park is huge and you just can't see it all in one day. There are shows, rides, exhibits, and a full waterpark. Fun, fun, fun!

We visited the dolphins first. We bought these little trays of fish for dolphin food. As you can see, there isn't much to them but be prepared to pay top dollar at $6.00 per tray or 3 trays for $15.00.

It was expensive but worth it. We all had fun feeding the dolphins. Rachel tried two times but just dropped her fish aimlessly in the water even when there wasn't a dolphin around. Nicholas was great at it though and could drop the fish right in the dolphin's mouth.

They were so cute and friendly and didn't mind being touched.

Another thing we had to spend money on was the double stroller rental. Yes, Nicholas is 6 and doesn't NEED a stroller but there is a lot of walking around the park and this made it so much quicker to get around the park and we didn't have to worry about any whining about being tired (although that is rarely spoken out of his mouth!).

We saw a great live show called Azul: Lure of the Sea. This spectacular show is a celebration of sea and sky with performances by beautiful beluga whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, colorful birds, and human acrobats. It was really amazing!

Nicholas got to feed some sea lions. These little guys are so cute and friendly!

We watched a sea lion show and got really wet!

Next we bought these little cups of bird food to feed some exotic birds. I think these cups were something like $4.00. each. Crazy, huh?

But we had so much fun with the birds that I was glad we had bought the food.

Daddy had two birds just hop right on to his arm. The red one walked up his arm, and across his back to tell Rachel "hi" but Rachel wasn't too sure about all of that.

Nicholas and I loved having the bird hop on us though. We all had a good time.

There is a full waterpark at Sea World and we had some fun there but didn't realize that the waterpark closes earlier than the rest of the park or we would have headed over there earlier to get in a little more splash time.

We had a $5.00 gift card for a souvenir and Nicholas picked out this sword. I'm still not sure what a sword has to do with Sea World but Nicholas was thrilled to get it.

Enjoying the sunset as we headed back to the car after a long day.

The Holiday Inn that we stayed at is quite nice. It has a shuttle back and forth to Sea World which can save a bunch of money and the hassle of parking. But also, this hotel is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the Holiday Inn chain.

They use 3 cisterns to collect rainwater and condensation from the A/C units for irrigating their landscape. They have a special flush handle on the toilet to let you decide if you need a lot of water for the flush or not.

There is a slot on the wall, just inside the door, where you leave your room card to "power" your room. The lights don't stay on for long if the card is removed. The idea being that if you take your key out then you must be leaving so the lights will turn themselves off after a brief time.

There are recycling bins on all of the floors. Such a simple thing but I've never seen this in other hotels.

I like this cool touch screen in the lobby. It is interactive and let's you look at how much energy the hotel is using at any given time. It also shows you some of the other "green" features in the hotel and recycling information.

I was really impressed with all of these features. But I also liked the simple tags for soft and firm on the pillows. I thought this was even cuter that the embroidered tags on the pillows in Houston, except that these tags come off and then you can't figure out which pillow you have. I really don't travel enough if this kind of thing impresses me!

The kids had fun playing with the curtain the blew around when the air conditioner was running.

But their most favorite thing about the room was the closet. That was their little fort area and Nichoals announced that it was for "kids only".

Rachel caught on quickly and informed us of the same.

Eventually I had to make some room and put some luggage in their "Kids Only" closet. They didn't mind too much and build a little fort on the floor out of pillows.

All the fun they had at Sea World and they still want to ride on the luggage cart!

We've had a wonderful vacation and we're on our way home. It was a lot to cram into 6 days but we had 6 years of no vacations to make up for :)

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