An Afternoon In Grapevine

We enjoyed the Afternoon at Nash Farm event. It is a fun, hand-on educational experience that's great for all ages. Nash Farm was a real working farm purchased by the Nash family in 1859 in Grapevine, TX. They raised livestock and grew crops. Of the original 110 acre farm, a little over 5 acres remains. It is now owned by the Grapevine Heritage Foundation and serves as a historic part of Grapevine representing the life and times of the rural farmer and days gone by.

We sat on several different tractors and played with knobs, buttons, and switches. What kid doesn't love knobs, buttons, and switches?

We took a wagon ride pulled by a tractor.

Nicholas was a very protective big brother and wanted to be sure Rachel didn't fall off of her seat if we went over a big bump.

We visited the real garden and the kids loved the scarecrow family complete with toddler and dog!

Then we did some of our own digging in the dirt with the kid-sized gardening tools provided.

We visited the old chicken coop and saw some real chickens clucking around but they soon went back inside to find some shade. I don't blame them!

We took a break to sit down and enjoy some freshly harvested cantaloupe from the garden while listening to Mr. Bannister tell us about the history of the farm, gardening tips, and answer questions for us.

Before we left, we went inside the original house and took a look around. I talked to Nicholas about this old weaving machine and he thinks we should get one and make our own clothes!

Join us for the next event, August Afternoons at the Farm, which will be August 19, 2010 from 12:00 - 2:00. Nash Farm is located at 626 Ball Street in Grapevine, TX. It is only open to the public on certain days of the year so please call (817) 410-3585 to check their schedule.

After our visit to the farm, we got some ice cream and visited the playground at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. The kids were messy and drippy with orange ice cream!

They were quite cute but it was also cute how Rachel got upset over the mess that she had made.

I tried a drink called Vitamin Water which I've never had before. I got "spark" flavor. As I was drinking it, I happened to notice the label had some writing on it upside down (I love stuff like that!). It was pretty cute - just click on the picture to read it better.

There are actually two playground sets here, one for little kids and one a really cool one for big kids, plus swings that all kids enjoy!

Rachel's favorite thing at playgrounds has always been the swings. She laughs out loud with such delight as she goes flying through the air!

She also loved the slides here.

Nicholas is my little monkey and always wants to climb. This playground aims to please with this giant 3-D web climbing thing. He scampered right up to the top in no time.

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