A Trip Back In Time

Today we took a fun trip back in time at the Spring Festival at Hertiage Farmstead in Plano. This beautiful 4.5 acre historic farmplace is truly a living history exhibit and the Spring Festival was the perfect time to see it all in action.

We got to watch wool spinning and learned about the process. I was really fascinated with this because I know that my cousin has a spinning wheel that belonged to one of my ancestors. What a wonderful family treasure.

After the wool was spun, another lady would use the wool to knit a shawl. She looked so relaxed under a tree quietly knitting.

Nicholas got to use a hand crank mill to grind corn which he then fed to the chickens. If only I could get him to work this hard in our own kitchen!

We learned about bees and watched them working in a real hive.

We smelled the fragrant wisteria which was just starting to bloom.

We visited the old school house. What antique charm! There was a craft there for children to make their own bookmark. Nicholas enjoyed choosing just the right stickers for his.

The kids got to pet a live bunny, just in time for Easter!

We looked at the sheep...

...and even had the chance to watch one get sheared.

We learned about blacksmithing and saw several handcrafted nails made. Fascinating!

Nicholas learned to walk on stilts...

...while Rachel sat and played with gravel.

We learned about pottery and were mesmerized watching this artist at work with his craft.

We listened to a live band play old folk music while Nicholas danced on the bales of hay.

It was a fun day learning about history by living it. Some little ones may have had too much fun...

Heritage Farmstead is located at 1900 West 15th Street in Plano. They offer wonderful hands-on classes for preschoolers that Nicholas has always enjoyed. They also offer other educational classes for older children and even a blacksmithing class for adults. There also offer lectures, summer camps and music festivals. Be sure to check out their events and education sections on their website for more information.

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