So Many Easter Egg Hunts, So Little Time

Nicholas and Rachel participated in four Easter Eggs hunts this year and we passed on several others. Just how many is too many? They are fun but really they don't need any more candy!

Here are some pictures from the hunt on Friday with the Greater Lewisville Early Childhood PTA (GLECPTA).

Now that Rachel understands that there are goodies in the eggs, she wants to stop each time she picks up an egg so she can open it up and see what's inside. Needless to say, she didn't pick up many eggs that way but she didn't mind.

After the "under age 2" hunt, I tried to get a picture of my little ones with the Easter Bunny. Mean, scary bunny that he is, Rachel couldn't handle being in the same vicinity with him so she came running over to me and grabbed my leg.

A friend of mine offered to take our picture so I could be in the picture with Rachel, as if that would make her feel more at ease. Nope! She wouldn't hear of it and the tears started.

Tears turned to full on major clinging. Poor little girl is terrified of the cute and fluffy Easter bunny.

By now it was time for Nicholas' big kid hunt. He was off to gather eggs like a madman!

We always have an ice cream truck at our GLECPTA egg hunts, even when it's been freezing temps outside!

Rachel got a orange creme popsicle (because that's what Mommy wanted to try!)

Nicholas got a popsicle that was actually a twin pack. Somehow they transformed into light sabers!

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  1. I love the icecream truck! Even better after an egg hunt! Looks like your kids had a blast! It was great to meet you at the DFW blogger gathering!