Paradise Pond

Paradise Pond is one of the best kept secrets in the area. It is a children's play area at First Baptist Church Grapevine. It is just a big open room with 10 different areas for play.

There is a bounce house with a slide and a giant climbing structure.

There is an area with cars, trucks, and trains. Another area has a little grocery store complete with cash register and shopping carts.

There is a magnetic toy area where you can learn about magnets and even build small structures with them. There is also a Lego/building block area with table and chairs for little ones to sit and build with Duplo blocks. They even have Duplo animals that can attach to your structures. There are even some giant cardboard "bricks" to build a life-size fort.

There is a see-saw, a little roller coaster ride, and a climbing wall. This is as far as Rachel got on the climbing wall despite many many attempts. :)

She had no trouble with the tunnels though! Back and forth she went, over and over and over again.

There is even a costume area with some really neat costumes for girls and boys. What kid doesn't have fun playing dress up!

Paradise Pond is only open on Thursday and Friday mornings from 9:00 - 11:00 am. However, during the summer they will also be open on Monday mornings. But you have to get there early, especially during the summer time, because they can only allow in 125 people at a time so they fill up quickly. I've come many times and seen this depressing sign out front telling parents that they are full. Talk about some unhappy kiddos!

Best of all, Paradise Pond is a great place to go during the hot summer months. It's indoors and air conditioned but also has water fountains and restrooms. And when you are done you can take the kids just a few blocks over to Main Street and visit some of the great shops and restaurants in Historic Grapevine. Another great thing about Paradise Pond is that you can bring the whole family and not spend an arm and a leg because it only costs $1.00 per person! How cool is that?! Check them out for birthday parties too! They are located at 301 E. Texas Street in Grapevine. Have questions, call Kirsey at 817-488-8573 ext. 247.

See you at The Pond!

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