Happy Candy Overload...I Mean, Happy Easter!

I can't believe that Stuart has Nicholas so well trained that he didn't even come wake us up on Easter morning! He even let us sleep late when he knew he had an Easter basket waiting for him somewhere downstairs. Thank you, little man! Mommy needs every minute of sleep she can get.

I can't say the same for Rachel. As soon as we were up, Nicholas bounded into Rachel's room to wake her up so we could all go downstairs. He sang her a little song about an Easter basket that's just for her.

I had considered letting the Easter bunny hide the baskets outside this year but logistics always get in the way. I would have to get up before Nicholas and somehow get downstairs without him, turn off the house alarm which he would hear, and then go out and hide the baskets. I think it would just look too suspicious (and seriously, I don't think I'd get up before him anyway). I can't hide it outside the night before because the various woodland creatures that visit our yard such as rabbits and possums would surely devour the goodies overnight.

So Nicholas searched high and low in the house. He remembered the rule from last year that the Easter bunny was probably afraid to come upstairs to hide the baskets because the creaky floors would ruin his stealthiness. So he scoured the downstairs and eventually found it hidden in a cabinet in the playroom.

He was very excited about the Bakugan toys and sidewalk chalk and sand castle molds that he saw in his basket.

Rachel was also excited about her basket even though she has no idea who the Easter bunny is.

Daddy showed her how to pour tea from her new little tea set. I can't wait until he has his first tea party with her!

With all the Easter egg hunts she has been on this year, she knew right away that there was treasure in those little plastic eggs so she set out to open them all.

Rachel did a great job of opening her first piece of candy all by herself. What a pro! But what was really impressive was that she picked up the candy wrapper and threw it in the trash can before she ever took the first bite of the candy. Wow! How did she get trained so well?

Yum...chocolatey peanut buttery...

Of course, there is no hesitation from the boy either when it comes to digging into his basket. Two pieces at once, huh?

We had a little discussion about why everyone bites into chocolate bunny ears first. Would you want to bite their bottoms first or their ears first?

The kids and Daddy enjoyed the morning with their sugar rushes.

Then Nicholas and I decided to finally decorate our Easter eggs while Rachel took her nap. Yes, I know it's silly to decorate them on Easter. They are supposed to be done well in advance of Easter so you can enjoy looking at them for a while. However, I've been busy savoring the days and somehow other things just seemed more important. But we did get those eggs decorated today.

Nicholas made the dye solutions all by himself.

Then he colored the eggs all by himself.

Then I showed him the special kit that I had gotten to make metallic, sparkly eggs. I thought for sure that he would get excited about it. However, he and Daddy had plans to go see How To Tame Your Dragon at the theater so Nicholas looked back over his shoulder and told me, "Have fun with that" and with that he was gone. Well, I made some of the eggs sparkly just so I could play with the stuff.

After dinner, we gave the kids their Easter cards from Granddad. Rachel loved looking at the pictures while Nicholas read his aloud to us all by himself and then proceeded to read Rachel's card out loud to her!

Then we gave them their Easter baskets that Grandmama had sent to them....as if they didn't have enough candy and treats already. They are so spoiled :)

Rachel enjoyed a chocolate bunny (ears first, of course).

Nicholas was the first to discover money hidden in his eggs! Wow, that's one super cool Easter basket!

Nicholas decided that I needed an Easter grass hat! Man, I hate it when they pull this stuff out of their baskets because little strands of it has already gotten spread all over the floor. Messy little guys!

Rachel tried her first Cadbury Creme Egg. Yummmmmm...

Happy Easter! May all of your candy, whether yours or stolen from your child's basket, be yummy but calorie free :)

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