Jump Zone in Southlake

Rachel and I visited Jump Zone in Southlake with her playgroup friends. However, she was so excited about the place, she walked and climbed and bounced constantly so I hardly had a chance to even look around to say hi to our friends for trying to keep both eyes on my Speedy Gonzales toddler!

Rachel loved this place. There were lots of toddler-friendly bounce houses. Rachel played in the bounce houses a lot...but she also spent quite a bit of time just climbing into a bounce house and then out of a bounce house and into a bounce house and out of a bounce house, etc. Not fun when Mommy is trying to follow close behind because Mommy doesn't like shimmying in and out of those things so quickly.

There were even a few big kid bounce houses with really tall slides but we didn't spent any time in those.

In addition to bouncing, Rachel also caught bubbles and colored some pictures.

Rachel really enjoyed the slides in the bounce houses. She giggled as she climbed her way up the ladder and then stopped, turned around, and slid down the slide backwards on her tummy. It's funny but that's the way we've taught her to go down the stairs in our house so it only makes sense that she would go down a slide this way. I always try to position her and help her go down forward but the next time around she goes back to her tummy.

Jump Zone is a fun place to play. They also have a concession stand for the little ones who have to refuel after burning off all that energy.

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