So Proud of My Husband

I'm so proud of my husband! Stuart was recently told that he had been awarded a Harvey C. Russell award from PepsiCo.

The Harvey C. Russell Award, part of PepsiCo's Chairman's Award, honors those who have distinguished themselves as truly extraordinary in their efforts to help PepsiCo further its goal to build a diverse and inclusive culture. Stuart was the project manager for a software update and he, along with two other employees working on the update, voluntarily decided to apply enhanced standards for the update to pro-actively increase the accessibility of the application for employees with different abilities, particularly to assist blind employees using screen readers or employees with low vision.

All recipients of the Harvey C. Russell award were invited on an all expense paid trip to PepsiCo World Headquarters in Purchase, New York for a reception and award ceremony. The company was even going to pay for my airfare so I could attend the events with Stuart. However, we had no one to watch the children for us so Stuart had to go by himself. I felt bad that I couldn't be there to share the moment with him but he knows how proud I am of him even though I couldn't be there.

There was a reception on his first night there. And it wasn't just any regular reception at a restaurant or in a conference room. This was a dinner reception on a sunset cruise! Sweet!

Stuart got some great pictures from the ship. Here's a Pepsi-Cola bottling plant as seen from the river.

The Chrysler building...

A cool bridge...

Stuart liked this view of trees and plants on a high rise apartment building. I guess in the big city you have to make your garden wherever you can.

Coast Guard ship...

New York skyline...

And of course, the Statue of Liberty...

Heading back to port...

Stuart had some free time the next morning so he took a taxi to the PepsiCo World Headquarters. While there, he spent some time in the award winning Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Garden. There are 45 sculptures in the collection that are spread throughout the Headquarters property and it is open to the public.

A tree trained to wrap around itself as it grows...

There are several different water features throughout the sculpture garden. Some are even home to some sweet koi fish.

"Girl With A Dolphin" by David Wynne

"Grand Disco" by Arnaldo Pomodoro

"Meridian" by Barbara Hepworth (click HERE to see some pictures of this sculpture being created)

"Celebrations II" by Louise Nevelson

"Totems" by Robert Davidson

"Through the Sound Barrier" by Asmunder Sveinsson

"Eve" by Auguste Rodin

"Three People on Four Benches" (obviously not all of the statues are pictured here) by George Segal.

There are multiple sunken gardens on the property that hold smaller sculptures.

The garden also welcomes school field trips so there are often lots of children in the gardens. What a nice field trip to combine learning about art while in such a beautiful natural setting.

"Hats Off" by Alexander Calder

And here's a special piece of artwork inside Headquarters. It's a football player made of Pepsi cans! I love recycled art!

Stuart accepted his award from Indra Nooyi, Pepsico CEO. He said it was a very humbling experience to hear the accomplishments of all the other award winners from around the world and how they are making a difference in the lives in their community.

Stuart, as always, I'm so proud of you and how far you've come from the Thrifty Car Rental service guy that I met back in 1991. You have always taken on challenges and worked hard to deliver your best. As a result, you have not only thrived but excelled in your career. Thank you for all that you do for our family, for your work ethic, and for setting such a great example for our children. I love you!

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