World Wide Photo Walk '09

This morning our wonderful neighbor and her daughter came over to watch Nicholas and Rachel while Stuart and I escaped to participate in the World Wide Photo Walk in Grapevine. On this day there were about 900 photo walks taking place all over the world. The idea is to get together a group of photographers in an area, have them walk a path in the town for 2 hours while taking pictures of interesting things. There is a contest for the best photos but the whole idea just sounded fun to me. And it really was. We walked down Main Street, an area that I've walked around many times before. But today I saw some things that I usually would have overlooked as not interesting or photo-worthy. I had a great time being able to photograph the sights around me but it was especially fun because Stuart and I were doing it together.

I took a ton of pictures but here are some of the highlights. Please help me choose TWO of these to enter in the contest. Just leave a comment with your vote or send me an email.

Train pictures.

Old stuff in the train yard.

The Homecoming - The statue depicts a soldier returning from service to a loving embrace.

Photographer extraordinaire.

Hand blown glass from Vetro.

Windmill shadow on a house.

A sunflower.

Water tower.

My sweet hubby - not a pic for the contest :)



Light through a leaf.

Leading lines on an old cabin.

Carved Indian statue.

Bottles in the window of a cigar shop.

An old gas pump at Willhoite's restaurant.

Ok, so I just like to shop for shoes, even when I'm on a photo walk.

Now that you've seen some of my favorite pictures from the walk, please help me narrow it down to TWO pictures to enter in the contest. Just leave me a comment with your choices. Thank you!


  1. Votes I've gotten so far:
    Leaf - 3
    Homecoming with flag - 2
    Railroad stakes - 2
    Sunflower - 1
    Bottles in cigar shop - 1
    Water tower - 1
    Train door - 1
    Gas pump - 1
    Train 2199 - 1

  2. I LOVE the train picure with the red front & numbers...that's my favorite!!

  3. Final vote counts. Thanks everyone!

    Leaf - 3
    Homecoming with flag - 2
    Railroad stakes - 3
    Sunflower - 2
    Bottles in cigar shop - 1
    Water tower - 1
    Train door - 2
    Gas pump - 1
    Train 2199 - 2
    Train railing - 1
    Red circles - 1
    Colored wires - 1