The Wise Old Owl

Nicholas was in a camp this week at his Montessori preschool. The camp focused on theater. They made their own costumes, painted the backdrop, learned a line or two, and learned a song. Today they had a performance for the parents. The theme for the performance was Disney. Nicholas was in the Winnie the Pooh skit and he played the wise old owl. He was originally assigned to be Pooh Bear but he asked to be Owl because he wanted to be "someone that could fly".

They all started out marching around the audience and singing where they happened to stop. Fortunately I had a good view of Nicholas from our seats. He was so cute in his little owl costume which he made himself. He painted his wings and shirt and feathers on and even helped to make his silly little beak. But his wings were a bit of a hinderance to him when it came to scratching his nose and picking up his mouse ear hat that fell. He was nervous about performing on stage but he did great and I can hear him singing above the others most of the time. He even gave us a "thumbs up" when he finished.

After the performance, we had lunch at Chicken Express and Nicholas had to check out the train out in front of the building next door. We've looked at it before and he's climbed all over it but we can't go near it without having to stop and climb on it just one more time.

While Nicholas and Daddy were playing on the train, I let Rachel sit in the passenger seat next to me. That didn't last long. She went for the straws in our drinks and had fun trying to chew on them and ripping them out of the cups. Silly girl!

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