A Slight Obsession With Flies

We were recently talking about going to an evening outdoor concert. We talked about bringing a picnic dinner to the concert.

Nicholas: "But if we have our dinner outside then all the flies will try to eat our food. We should bring a tent so we can eat in the tent without the flies getting out food."
Mommy: "Hmmm, that's an idea."
Nicholas: "And the tent will need to have a big window that faces the band so we can still watch them play."
Mommy: "Of course we want to watch the band play so I think that's a good plan."
Nicholas: "We could also bring something stinky to keep the flies away."
Mommy: "But WE aren't going to want to be in the tent if it is stinky. Besides, flies would probably be even more attracted to something stinky."
Nicholas: "Then we should bring something that smells good so the flies won't want to come in. I know! We'll make the tent smell like peaches. Then the flies won't want to bother us."
Mommy: "Yum, I like the smell of peaches."
Nicholas: "No, never mind. That won't work. Then all of the other people at the concert will come into our tent and then we won't be able to see a thing!"

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