If you haven't tried Skype, you should check it out! We not only get free calls to Granddad in Louisiana but we also get to SEE him while we talk! And the best's all FREE! The software is free, the call is free, and you can even use a camcorder that you already have so you don't have to go but one. However, we do have a Logitech color camera that clips on the top of our computer monitor. It is the coolest camera. It has a built in microphone and has a really clear picture.

Yesterday we got a call from Granddad on Skype. I was on the computer at the time and answered the call. Nicholas quickly heard Granddad's voice and came running. Then Stuart wandered into the office too. Then Rachel woke up from her nap and I brought her to the office with us. Our whole family sat around our office and talked with Granddad. We could see him and he could see all of us. It was just like being back in Baton Rouge. Hmmm, if only we could get the rest of the Louisiana family to get on Skype then maybe we wouldn't have to make that long drive again... :)


  1. I think inventions like Skype will be a LIFE SAVER when we are gone to New Zealand! It will give my mother less of a hole in her heart if she can still see her babies now and then:)

    How is the echo? I have heard some people have a problem with some sort of echo which makes it impossible to have a conversation. My guess was that it was their computer connection speed...what do you think about that?

  2. You are so right. You and your family will definitely need to get on Skype. It's the best for staying connected long distance. We don't have any problem at all with an echo. We hear each other fine. Yesterday when we were all talking to my Dad, Stuart was sitting in the glider 15 feet away from the computer and talking in a normal voice and Dad heard him fine just as if they were both in the same room. As far as connection speeds, we have a cable modem. I'm not sure what Dad has but I would guess cable modem. The only problem we have noticed is that the picture can get blurred for a moment when someone moves around because the camera is trying to catch up. But that might be solved by a better camera that what we have.