Forgotten Frustrations

I had forgotten how frustrating it can be to try to teach what seems like a most basic concept to a baby who has no idea what you are trying to get her to do. For instance, drinking out of a cup of any kind. You may recall that we had trouble getting Rachel to drink from a bottle since she is so used to breastfeeding. Well, now we are running into the same problem with a sippy cup. She just chews on the spout and plays with the cup but rarely gets any liquid. She ends up getting frustrated, right alongside Mommy. She has been able to drink from a straw cup one time so I thought I would try that idea again. It didn't work and she just ended up chewing on the straw and playing with it. Finally I gave up and just let her play in the spilled water that was all over her high chair by the time we were done.

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