A Little Photo Walk for the Little Guy

We went out this morning to run some errands and Nicholas brought his camera with him. I asked him what he wanted to take a picture of. He said, "I don't know. Let's just go find a place to take pictures." I couldn't help but smile because I knew he was wanting to have his own little photo walk like Stuart and I had just done.

We ran our errands and I found a little pasture with some horses in it. Nicholas was very excited to have such a cool subject to photograph. He said, "Let's go home and put these pictures on the blog!" So here are a few of Nicholas' pictures from his impromptu photo walk.

He took this picuture below and said, "Yes! I got a picture of the horse's butt!"

More pictures taken today...

I'm so exctied that he enjoys taking pictures as much as he does. He has learned quite a few things just by overhearing Stuart and I talk about photography. He has a great little camera made by Fisher Price. It's easy to use and it's drop-proof! However, Nicholas has decided that he needs a camera that zooms and he needs a tripod. So cute!

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