Cracker Jack

Stuart brought home some Cracker Jacks for Nicholas to try. Yummy! Click HERE for a brief history of Cracker Jack. I was surprised to learn just how long it's been around. I wonder if my grandparents ever tried it when they were little?

Nicholas was excited to learn that there was a prize inside. Along with the prize, there were two jokes...

Q: Why do sharks swim in salt water?
A: Because pepper water would make them sneeze!

Q: Why is the frog happy?
A: Because he ate what bugged him!

Nicholas has been telling us these jokes all night. This morning he said, "Let's do the joke over and over again. You just pretend you don't know the answer." So that's what we did. Nicholas asked the question, I made up a silly but wrong answer, then he delighted in telling me the correct answer. And so it continued for what seemed like 50 times.

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