Rachel's Ready To Cruise!

Tuesday night I was sitting next to the bath tub with Rachel as I was getting her ready for her nightly bath. She started trying to pull herself up and look over the side of the tub. She wasn't quite strong enough to do it so I helped her stand up and she was able to stand by holding on to the side of the tub without any help from me. She's done this before and flopped down after 2 seconds or so. But this time she held herself up for a few minutes until she just got tired and needed to sit down. She was so excited about her found skill.

Last night Stuart got a picture of her standing while holding on to the couch. She's going to be cruising around the room any day now.

Then she decided to make a game of standing up and falling back into my arms. She wasn't just falling on accident. I could feel her push herself back as soon as I stood her up and she was just laughing her little self silly as she did it. Wheee!

She's still working on crawling. While she can book it across the room in a belly crawl position, she still hasn't figured out how to crawl on her knees. That's fine with me. Stay little, precious one! Here's her latest attempt to crawl. She now likes to push up on her hands...and her feet! Knees, sweetie. It's much easier if you go on your knees :)

I just love this little angel.

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