Valentine's Day Party!!

Today Nicholas had a Valentine's Day party at his preschool. Everyone exchanged Valentine's Day cards and gifts. He came home with a big bag of stuff. What happened to just the little cards with Snoopy on them and a simple To: and From: like they had when I was little? These days the bar has been raised and everyone gives candy, pencils, toys, etc.

One of the presents Nicholas got was a cool pirate that grows when you put him in water. It isn't an instant sort of thing. The directions say he will grow 600% but it may take up to 10 days for him to soak up enough water to expand that much. So here is the before picture.

Check back in 10 days for the after picture - if my son can keep him in the water that long. All day he kept picking up the wet sticky pirate wanting to play with him (as he dripped water all over the place).

Nicholas made a wonderful card for Stuart and me with his hand print on it. I don't care what it is but if it has a hand or foot print of one of my children on it then it could quite possibly bring me to tears (Stuart, that's a hint for Mother's Day!)

His teacher helped him fill out the inside of the card but it is super cute too! I didn't know he even liked my chicken and dumplings. All the credit goes to my mom since I make them just like she taught me.

And on the back of the card, Nicholas drew a picture of himself. Love those funny little hands!

The other sweet things he made for us is a heart decorated with crinkled tissue paper and a cute heart charm. He made the heart with a gingerbread applesauce dough that he rolled out and used a cookie cutter to make the heart. It smells wonderful but he told me it wasn't for eating.

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