Behind the Scenes at the Post Office

We were supposed to go on an awesome nature hike with some friends this morning but Nicholas is still coughing a lot and I'm doing all I can to try to keep him from over exertiing himself and making the coughing worse. So we missed out on the hike and instead went to a tour of the post office with some other friends in our Early Childhood PTA.

Mr. Vincent was a wonderful tour guide and really great with the kids. He had all of the children line up and he showed us around the back of the post office. He taught us all about how the mail is picked up, sorted at the post office, and how the carriers pickup their mail to take out on their routes. It was really interesting!

Nicholas had been fascinated with the P.O. boxes when we were first waiting in the lobby for Mr. Vincent so he especially loved being able to use a key to show everyone how to open a P.O. box.

Nicholas even got this cool coloring and activity book to bring home.

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