Rachel Rolled Over!

Rachel has been trying to roll over from her back to her tummy for several weeks now. She quickly goes from back to her side but then she just seems to hang there in limbo not knowing what to do. Sometimes she even gets fussy because she can't figure out how to roll to her back again.

A few mintues ago, I put Rachel down on her playmat that we keep next to our desk in the office. Sometimes I put her down on her tummy to give her some exercise with lifting her head and pushing up but this time I put her down on her back so she could look at the toys over her head. Then I started doing some work at the desk. I just looked over at her and she is now lying on her tummy. Hooray little girl! You are finally rolling over! She doesn't seem as excited about it as I am. She is now on her tummy and she isn't a big fan of "tummy time" so she's fussing at me to help her get on her back again.

Where is the video camera? I need a video of her rolling over again and I can't find the video camera anywhere! I'll have to post a video later. Gotta go play with my little girl right now and savor the moment. Proud Mama signing out.


  1. I know the moment passed, but does your camera have a video function on it? Go Rachel!!

  2. Yes, my little camera takes video but I didn't think of it at the time! What a goober! Anyway, I just sat on the floor playing with her and not worrying about the camera and she rolled over several times for me. I found the video camera later but of course she was all done performing tricks for the day and wouldn't roll over for me again. Oh well, I'll be ready for her next time.